Here Is How To Fill Cavities Without Going To The Dentist! – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

A lot of people experience stress and anxiety before going to the dentist. You know that when you go there to fill your cavities he’ll have to drill and drill and then fill in the cavity, which can sometimes be painful.

However, there are some good news for those who feel the ‘dentist’s stress’, a new method which will enable you to fill in the cavities at home.


The teeth are made of 4 layers that can be damaged by the mouth acid. These layers can be dissolved and the cavity might set in.


There are several symptoms that show whether you are affected by tooth decay or you’re not. These symptoms are pain when eating, discolored spots on teeth, tooth ache and sensitivity to cold or hot food. Every one of these can be eliminated if you go to the dentist and stop the cavity. But, for people who are stressed by the drilling effect, there is another solution.

Filling cavities without drilling

A recent study from Japan discovered a revolutionary way to fill in cavities without drilling. The new method involves using a newly discovered paste which is similar in composition with the tooth enamel, the outside layer which protects our teeth. With this paste you can fill in the cavities without drilling them first. What an amazing discovery for all those poor souls who dread the thought of going to the dentist, they can relax and fix their teeth at the comfort of their home.


The research showed that cavities filled with this paste were as sturdy and stable as their metal counterparts. With this paste, the cavity can be filled without the need to drill parts of the teeth, so that the chances to spread the decay would be reduced. Note that this paste should be used at first stages of decay.

How to use it

This paste can cause inflammation in your gums as it contains acid and hydrogen peroxide. So use it carefully and consult your dentist


This paste can be bought by dentists only. They can give it to their patients. It takes only 20 minutes for it to effect.

Prevent tooth decay

Prevention is always better. Maintain oral hygiene. Use good toothpaste. Wash your mouth with anti-bacterial agents. You can also use oil instead of toothpaste.

Have a healthy diet. It should contain enough minerals. Use egg shells to mineralize your teeth. Brush your teeth every day.

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