Here’s How To Recognize The Earliest Signs of Pregnancy, They Appear Even Before You Realize Your Period Is Late – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

The blood pressure  changes and can lead to headaches.


Insomnia usually appear 3 weeks after conceiving because of increased levels of estrogen and progesterone.


Pregnancy cramps are like menstrual cramps, but  not the same.

No appetite

Pregnant women can experience nausea ,vomiting and  reduction of their appetite.

White discharge

Because of an increased growth of the cells and enlargement of the vaginal walls you can have enlarger white discharge.

Frequent urination

The womb pressures the bladder so there is  less space for the urine.

Breast sensitivity

Your mammary glands are preparing for breastfeeding.

Darker areolas

You will have  sensitive, darker and larger nipples .

Repugnance at strong smells

You are more sensitive on smells and many of them can make you sick.

Desire for some things

You want a chocolate or strawberries  in the middle of the night and you just have to have it ? You may be pregnant!


You may feel tired because of the  increase of progesterone levels. Try to rest!

Mood swings

PMS behavior and the behavior of a pregnant are similar.

Repulsiveness towards your partner

The hormonal changes may make you  sick of his perfume or just want to be alone. It will pass.


It is rare but happens .

If you believe you are pregnant, do a pregnancy test. However, it can be negative if it is done too early. A blood test is very correct. It can give you precise results 6 days after conceiving.

You must take care of your body in the early stages of pregnancy. This is really important both for yourself and your baby.

If you have all this symptoms then CONGRATULATION .

Via: choosehealthylife.com