Homemade Syrup Which Will Clean Your Lungs from Phlegm! – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

The main ingredient that makes this syrup so powerful is the healthiest vegetable in the world.New the question for you is :do you know which? The correct answer is a carrot! This orange bugs bunny favourite meal contains beta-carotene and vitamin A and we all know they are essential for good eyesight and we must not forget :vitamins B, C and K, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Here we have a homemade syrup which cures Cough and clean lungs from phlegm
It helps to prevent and curing respiratory problems, colds, and flues plus it can be used for treating bronchitis and asthma.

100% natural can be used both for children and adults.



½ kg of carrot
3 spoons of honey


Put carrots in a pot, add water and then boil until carrots become soft. Then drain the water, mash the carrots using a fork or with a blender.

Don’t throw away the water drained (water in which you boiled carrots) but add honey to it and mix well.
Combine it with the carrots ,mash it all together and you made your cough syrup.

How to use this syrup?

1 – 4 spoons each day. Results after a couple of days (probably 2 days).

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