How the Alkaline Diet Cured My Cancer ( A True We’ve Done it Story) – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Rebecca Maglionico is a woman that cured her cancer with an alkaline diet and share her story with everyone. Here’s her story…

I have lost many friends and family members to cancer, so I was devastated when I learned that my older brother was diagnosed with colon cancer at 38. The diagnosis was grim – he was told that he didn’t have much time. The doctors gave him radiation and chemotherapy and recommended a surgery to have a part of his colon removed, and this combination actually proved effective with my brother beating cancer, although the healing was pretty painful.

Not a year later, and the cancer returned – this time, a tumor metastasized on his spine and going towards his brain. Along with the cancer, he had squamous cell carcinoma. The cancer was inoperable and he experienced horrible symptoms such as seizures, loss of balance, vision, hearing and speech difficulties and headaches. The doctors said that this was the end of the road.

My brother has a son, (5 years old at the time) and he wasn’t going to accept that as an answer. Someone in my brother’s office suggested an upcoming retreat, that taught how to live a life of health and wellness. The problem was, it cost thousands of dollars for the weekend. A blessing, in the form of my brother’s boss, offered to pay and join my brother on the retreat. They both went to Hippocrates Health Institute located in West Palm Florida for the weekend. The instructors, for this particular retreat, were the best of the best in their specialty field.

Upon returning home, my brother started with the Gerson Therapy and an Alkaline diet. They compliment each other well.

The Gerson therapy is built around the idea that cancer develops when there are changes in the cell metabolism due to toxic build-up. Dr. Gerson said that people suffering from cancer have too much sodium and not enough potassium in their bodies, leading to tissue damage and weakened organs. The main goal of the therapy is to repair the liver and return the metabolism in its natural state. This can be done only by eating a healthy diet, supplements and enemas that will flush out the toxins and reboot the cell metabolism. My brother’s diet included foods high in potassium, but low in sodium, and juicing raw ingredients was the main calorie intake for the day.

Many foods consume alkaline and acidic foods. For example, lemons and citrus fruits in general are acidic in taste, but have an alkalizing effect on the body. An alkaline diet means eating less meat, dairy, white flour and white sugar because of their acidic effect. You need to focus on fresh fruit and vegetables in order to create an alkaline environment in the body.

People suffering from cancer usually have a pH of around 4. Cancer cells cannot live in alkaline environment and cannot grow if they are robbed of oxygen and sugar. Alkaline tissues have much more oxygen that when the tissues are in an acidic state, and an alkaline level in the body will make the cells flush out toxins easier.

As I said, my brother ate potassium-rich foods, and raised his pH levels from 4 to 7.5 in just two weeks. The ideal pH levels are at 7.2, while cancer cells die at 7.5. After a regular check-up at, my brother’s tumor has shrunk up to 75%, and after 6 weeks, the cancer was gone! We waited for his test results for more than two hours because the doctors were sure that the scans were wrong. They were stunned to see his cancer retract in that short of a time.

It has been 3 years since that day. It takes about 2-3 days to see a change in your PH level (so he is OK with cheating for a short amount of time). He still tests his PH once a month and also returns to the strict Gerson/Alkaline diet for a week at a time for a “cleanse”, as he likes to call it.

I cannot thank his boss enough for taking my brother to the retreat – if he didn’t help him, my brother would probably not make it. I just wish I learned about it sooner so I could recommend it to people who are already gone. Don’t admit defeat when fighting cancer – there are thousands of options out there. Never give up!

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