How To Destroy Abdominal Fat !? – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Two more months and the summer is here but this annoying belly fat is too stubborn and whatever you do it simply doesn’t melt. Well if burning fat ,looking pretty for the summer, wearing your favorite costumes and enjoying on the beach is your goal to achieve then you are in the right place. Here we have one very simple but also very efficient recipe just for you.

This recipe will not only burn your belly fat but will also clean your body from toxins. And all of it naturally. All the toxins accumulated throw the year will be detoxified and you will loose weight.

You must regularly detox your body because toxins from fatty tissues and pollute the body. This detox water contains antioxidants and flavonoids, vitamins C and B complex.

This elixir is easy to prepare at home and to use all its amazing effects you need to consume it in the morning. The elixir is full of energy and has only a few calories.

Here is the recipe:


1 apple cut into slices 1 fresh cinnamon stick Cold water Ice

Large pitcher


Slice the apple and put the slices in the container, add cinnamon stick and ice and fill up the container with cold water. This water has great taste and can be refrigerated 3 days. Don’t forget to drink it before morning breakfast.

Via: http://househealthonline.com/

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