How To Detox Your Armpit To Prevent Breast Cancer – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Cosmetic products: deodorants, body washes, soaps, and others are toxic and can be a reason for breast cancer.

These products are packed u with :aluminum chlorohydrate, triclosan, parabens, glycol, TEA, FD&C, DEA, and many toxins that can be absorbed throw skin.

Did you know that there is a simple, natural armpit cleanse hat woman can use in order to remove the toxins build up that might lead to breast cancer and other disease.

Studies confirmed that many women had cancer in the upper quadrant of their breasts, close to the lymph nodes under the armpit.

Aluminum (in deodorant) alter out hormones, primarily acting as phytoestrogens, and also congest the lymph system .

A study published in The Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry examined 17 patients with undergone mastectomies. Because they used antiperspirants they had more aluminum in their breast tissue.

Our bodies can normally rid the chemicals through our sweat glands and now when sweat glands are clogged with foreign chemicals, the body can’t do its work.

Here is a simple recipe, and drink plenty of clean water to flush out toxins :


Organic Apple Cider Vinegar – 1 Tablespoon Rosemary Essential oil – 3 Drops Cilantro Essential oil – 5 drops

1 tablespoon bentonit clay

How to do it:

Mix the ACV with clay and the essential oils. It will look like sour cream. You can add Thieves oil or oregano oil and then spread a layer on your armpit. Let it stay for 5 minutes or longer if you have the time and then rinse it.

You can do this once a week .

Another option to detox is this 4-step process to do it:

1.Use a loofah when showering to remove dead skin.

2.Apply aluminum free baking soda to armpits when wet.

3. You can also use a mixture of bentonite clay ,apple cider vinegar and water if you have a sensitive skin.

4.If you feel an odor coming from your armpits, then just put aluminum free baking soda or the bentonite clay mixture and then put natural deodorants.

Repeat this for two weeks or until natural deodorant can keep you safe for at least 6 hours.

– first day you start, you may need to do this 5-10 times, but each day it will become less don,t worry soon will be toxin and odor free.

Via: blackdoctor.org