How to Detoxify Each Organ so That You Never Get Sick or Tired Again – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

People, even younger ones, are suffering from chronic or autoimmune conditions and  cancer is one of the worst . The toxins  that surround us have a great  impact on our genes and its a negative and  can lead to many physical disorders.

Genetic issues can became a problem  if you are under:

–  stress,

-spiritual shallowness,




-refined carbs,


-heavy metals,

and many others negative influences daily .

The immune system through fever, diarrhea, and vomiting  removes  toxins but one silent toxin is constantly attacking the system, autoimmune condition develops.

An autoimmune condition is when immunity is weakened and can happen because of excessive consumption of :





-heavy metals, and

-GMO foods.

They  change  the pH.  Prilosec, Nexium, and Pepcid  increase the pH more than 3 and prevent the release of pepsin- important for breakdown of proteins.

Autoimmune conditions

Blood-leukemia, lupus Nerves-diabetic and peripheral neuropathy Muscles-fibromyalgia, muscular dystrophy Thyroid- Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Grave’s disease Brain- MS, autism, Guillain-Barre syndrome Bones-rheumatoid arthritis, polymyalgia rheumatic Lungs-wegener’s granulomatosis, asthma GI-tract/pancreas-Celiacs, IBS, Crohns, ulcerative colitis, diabetes

Skin-eczema, psoriasis, scleroderma, vitiligo

How to detoxify properly

1.Exclude sugar, gluten, soy, canola oil, vegetable oil, too much caffeine and alcohol, dairy, fried and processed foods, wheat.

2.Eat organic food only: healthier fats like coconut, avocado, omega-3, olive oil, nuts, seeds, and probiotics.

Try, alkaline diet because they are  low in sodium and high in potassium foods.

Liver cleanse

Use burdock root, dandelion root, milk thistle, beets, garlic, turmeric or curcumin, fermented foods, and castor oil. Also, drink dandelion and tulsi tea.

Olive oil cleanse for the liver

Carrot juice and tart green apples eat it for a week to soften your gallstones and prevent their dislodging during the detoxification. A shot of olive oil with some lemon juice and castor oil is recommended at night.

Kidney cleanse

Include Uva Ursi capsules, ginger, vitamin B6, black cherry concentrate, and vegetable glycerin.

You can also , use lemon water, cranberry juice, magnesium, apple cider vinegar, and practice Epsom salt baths.

Colon cleanse

Indian gooseberry is  great for colon cleanser. Recommended:drink a lot of distilled water and aloe Vera water, coconut kefir, consume ginger, garlic, fennel, bentonite clay or activated charcoal, and follow a plant-based diet.

Heavy metals

Consume more cilantro, chlorella, cabbage, onions, garlic, and Brussels sprouts to your daily nutrition  and avoid mercury and unnecessary vaccines filled with heavy metals.


Consume : cloves, wormwood, cinnamon, garlic, coconut oil, bentonite clay, coffee enemas,organic coffee and distilled water.Lie on your right side, holding for 10 to 20 minutes.

Lymphatic system

Be physically active, and try lymph massage .


Try saunas, and hot yoga, sweating, Epsom salt baths,to remove chemicals and toxins from your body. Vitamin D helps preventing prostate and breast cancer.

Via: thehealthguide.org