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How to Identify Toxic Chinese Grown Garlic

How to Identify Toxic Chinese Grown Garlic

The garlic we eat in the restaurants or we buy on the markets is mostly imported from China,in fact about one third of the garlic in America in 2014 was imported from China and here we are talking about : fresh, chilled and also dried garlic.

This garlic is grown on a terrible way and lacks of quality.

Illegal pesticides are used during the farming process in order to save money, effort and time . These pesticides are forbidden by the Chinese government and no need to say that they are highly toxic.

The Chinese soil is another reason to avoid eating this garlic ,this soil contains heavy metals like arsenic and cadmium, fertilizers and pesticides. The water used in agriculture is full with household waste and chemical from the industry.

How to detect a Chinese garlic:

1.It has no stem or root (they cut it to save weight for shipping).

2.This garlic is lighter so compare how many you get ( Chinese garlic measures 28 out of 40, while garlic from California measures 40 out of 40)

If it ‘s possible the safest way is to buy from a local farmer or the one grown in your own garden.