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We are all trying to use organic produce as much as we can.That is one way of reducing the amount of harmful, carcinogenic pesticides we ingest by eating. Even it sounds easy it’s actually very hard because as much as we try we don’t always get the organic produce we prefer.

There are times when products like grapes, for example, are not always available, or if they are if it’s not their season they cost three times more than usual . You can buy regular strawberries 2 packs for $3.oo and one pack of organic strawberries is $5.99? If you have the big family or someone visiting you can’t always afford to buy the organic ones.

There are times when I have cravings for grapes or strawberry but the grocery store doesn’t have organic grapes or organic strawberries. So I end up with fruit full with pesticides Recently I read an article that was about removing pesticides from fruit and veggies by special way of washing it.I sat in front of my computer and after some time spends in front of my computer I finally found it.

The answer was natural as it was simple : use vinegar!Now eating non-organic produce was not such a bad thing since I knew that huge amount of pesticides from the fruits and vegetables was removed .And all by using this simple natural vinegar wash.

Here’s how I did it :

First, I put 4 parts of water and 1 part of plain white vinegar in a big bowl.

Then I soak the fruit and left it for 20 minutes.

At the end, I rinse it well with water and serve it to my family.

U must say we all enjoyed.

Washing only with water reduce the pesticide residue, but won’t eliminate all pesticides. But if you add natural vinegar you will remove a lot of the pesticides and bacterias from the produce.

Some sources indicated that this wash is not kind with fruit like strawberries. I must say that my first wash was made with strawberries and it was great and the best thing was that I couldn’t even taste a hint of vinegar from the natural vinegar wash.

Eating organic produce is always the best but if you have to go for the nonorganic then make sure to wash it with vinegar before serving.

You can even do this to organic products, because sometimes even organic farmers use (natural) pesticides and also remove all bacterias.

At the end I am giving you a link to the video that opened my eyes:

Via: http://ecowatch.com/

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