How Your Birth Order Shapes Your Personality – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Which child are you?

Are you the first, middle, or the youngest?

Here we are going to tell you how your birth order have an influence on your life and also shapes your personality as a mature adult.

Every parent can see that there is a big difference between first,second or third children,not only in the way they look, but also in their passions, habits,foods they like and dislike the most, and of course there are , differences in personality too.

Children act and develop differently and that depends of their birth order and parents need to know this so that they will be better in understanding the children.

Also some researchers found unique characteristics in personalities of first born, middle born, last born, and if the child is the only one .

If there is a big age gap between children then the second may take on the role of first born, instead of middle or last born.

If the child is adopted it tends to fill in the role to which they are placed in the family and this determines their personality.

You can check this by simple asking why your sister has her mind in a different place, painting and walking in nature instead of joining the neighborhood kids after school?

Does your family members find you too bossy? This is nothing to worry about because you’re not alone.Every family has this issues .

Now you know that birth order has a big role but do you know how?

Here it is:

– first born are perfectionists whose parents want to do everything right for their children. This kids have good communication with adults when they are still kids but they also tend to worry a lot and want control things.They are also very competitive and high achievers in life.

Here are they most common characteristics :perfectionists, achievers, leaders, bossy, motivated, responsible, controlling, cautious, reliable, etc.

Via: thehealthguide.org