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Exercising gives the best results only when are adjust to the specific shape of the body. Here we will explain about the four most common body types, and which part of your body needs the most attention,so you can choose the right exercise for your shape.

Here are the types:

1.Pear Shape

If you have a body in a shape like a pear, you must look like Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys, and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

That means that the upper part of your body is thinner than the lower part.
Women with pear-shaped bodies have hips and thighs as a central part, so they should focus on exercises for these parts. Plus they should do some exercises for the upper part because the upper part needs as much attention as the lower part.

Add: walking, running and riding a bicycle to your daily training. Exercise 45 minutes a day, for at least 5 times a week.

For upper part arms exercise with some lighter weights, and increase the weight gradually.


If you have this shape, you are hot as Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow and you can wear anything you like and you won’t have a “problem” created from feminine curves.

In this body type, the bust and shoulders are with the same width as the hip-line and the waist.
If you have this shape and gain weight,you will have to struggle with abdominal fat.

To keep your body in shape do exercises that tighten the stomach muscles and burn the fatty deposits in this area.

Exercises like squats and stair-climbing are perfect for this body type and will increase the muscle mass of your buttocks. You can also do riding a bicycle, walking uphill and running for the rest of your body.


This is the ideal body shape : tiny waists and proportional sizes of their shoulders to their hips.
Beyonce, Scarlett Johansson, and Halle Berry are the beauties in this group.

The weight is evenly distributed in these women and they only need to do some exercises for tightening.
If gain weight it will be on thighs and upper arms.

Cardio and tightening ,Zumba, swimming, and riding a bicycle are the best choices.

4.Athletic Shape

Jessica Biel has this body shape that is characterized with narrow hips and wide shoulders.
Women with athletic shapes need to do exercises to tighten their stomach muscles and shape their thighs and buttocks.

They also have strong immune systems, so can build muscles and burn fat more easily.

Recommended: riding a bicycle, running and other similar exercises.

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