If You Experience A Heart Attack You Have 10 Seconds To Save Your By Doing This – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

The biggest cause of death in the world is a heart attack.

It is a serious health condition and it is almost impossible to be predicted.

We know that there are many tips that can save your life if you experience a heart attack. Or you can help to another person before the ambulance arrives.

In this kind of situations people panic mostly because they don’t know what to do.

In the end they lose conscious and its up to couple of seconds to react and do something to save a life.

First you must call an ambulance.

Then cough forcefully, strong and deep without stopping and , in a period of 2 seconds extend the exhale and thus save your life.

Thanks to the coughing your blood to flow back to the heart and it will be able to work normally.

This type of pressure will balance the heart rhythm and prevent future damage.

We also have a video below that can help you to get over the situation.

Via: choosehealthylife.com