If You Feel Numbness In Your Fingers Or Pain In Your Wrist Than You Need To Know This – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

If you fell numbness, pain, weakness or tingling in your hand then you probably have carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). The University of Maryland Medical Center, says that CTS is caused by a nerve in the wrist that is strained.

Tissues  around the median nerve of the hand can swell and press the nerve causing numbness, pain, weakness or tingling.If  not treated, the nerve insulation can even cause a permanent damage.

When the symptoms appear in order to avoid irreversible damage and additional discomfort you must treat this condition.Your doctor will most probably  recommend you to wear a splint and maybe  to receive corticosteroid injections.

You can also try some  home remedies that you can  relieve your  pain and discomfort.Here they are:

1. Ice.

Apply an ice packed in a thin towel and put it onto your wrists let it sit for 10 minutes and repeat on each hour until the pain disappear. It will reduce the pain and soothe inflammation.

2. Heat.

Heat might work on you better than to ice.,so just soak your wrists and hands in hot or warm water for  12- 15 minutes before bed. I must add that with this method you won’t wake up with pain in the middle of the night.

3. Walnuts.

Are packed with omega-3 fatty acids so if you have CTS symptoms,  eat a handful of walnuts every day with a  yogurt or in salads.

4. Potatoes.

Vitamin B6 is included in more than 100 enzyme reactions and some of them are related to relieving CTS symptoms. You can find vitamin B6 in potatoes and in many fruits, fish and poultry.

5. Turmeric.

Turmeric  is known as  most wanted  spice in Ayurvedic medicine. It has very strong  anti-inflammatory agent and can reduce inflammation and pain.

6. Pineapple.

Pineapple has c powerful enzyme bromelain  which can break down the inflammatory proteins and  lower the pain from CTS.

7. Whole grains.

Magnesium in green vegetables, legumes and whole grains so eat lots of foods with magnesium or take magnesium supplement.

8. Flaxseed oil.

Flax-seed oil is rich with  omega 3 fatty acids so  drink one tablespoon of flax-seed oil mixed in with your morning drink.

If you have CTS  you must add walnuts, pineapple, flax-seed oil and turmeric in your everyday diet.

Or mix everything and  blend it up in one amazing and delicious smoothie!

Via: choosehealthylife.com