If You Have This Sandal Throw Them Away Immediately and Here’s Why – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

In Germany, the scientists concluded one research and they discovered that clogs made from plastic materials contain a lot of carcinogenic compounds what can cause some types of cancer.

This research was made with ten different pairs of clogs, made of plastic. The scientists that made this research chose the top 10 brands on the market and made lots of analyses on them in a laboratory. The results were stunning – the clogs contained 60% of PAHs ( aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons).

For all of you that don’t know, aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons are highly carcinogenic substances that cause cell mutation if the body absorbs them.

If are inhaled they can severely harm you , same goes if PAN penetrates into the skin and into the body.
The result of the research shows that the black clogs have the highest amount of PAN.

About 70% of the examined clogs was positive on solvents and heavy metals.These are toxic compounds that can be absorbed by the body through the skin.

If you are a fan of plastic sandals then the best way to avoid certain types of problems is to wear socks first.
One interesting fact(and this is not a commercial ) is that the research showed that the original Crocs don’t contain PAHs. But they are not a very good choice either because they contain four solvents that can cause allergies.

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