If You Mix A Little Salt And Olive Oil, You Will Not Feel Pain The Next 5 Years – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Neck osteochondrosis can be a really unpleasant and frustrating condition. It is not incurable or lethal, and you can treat it with natural active ingredients.

We give you an easy home solution that will keep you save from headaches for 5 years!

You require 10 tablespoons of top quality salt and 20 tablespoons of unrefined olive or sunflower oil.


You do not require any special effort making this solution. All you need to do is combine both ingredients in a glass container. Seal well and within 2 days you will have a gently colored remedy.


Apply the solution on the affected area, preferably in the morning. Rub it in your skin. If you can not bear the pressure, begin off with 2-3 minutes, then increase the time gradually. Experts say that 20 minutes are simply enough to perform out the massaging phase. Clean off with a wet towel.

Your skin may get slightly irritation. Apply baby powder to eliminate the undesirable feeling.

Within 10 days, the treatment will stimulate your blood circulation and muscle regrowth in your cartilage and bone tissues. You should notice some fantastic changes in 8-10 days!

After applying this treatment, your headache will be gone for good. You will have an normal blood circulation and excellent vision. Your body will be without toxins, and your metabolism will reach its highest peak. You might feel a bit woozy after the massage, however the effort sure pays off. You will get amazing results with no side effects.

Via: healthandhealthyliving.com