In Just 5 Minutes, She Makes A Mouthwatering Sorbet That’s Perfect On A Sunny Day – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Summer is here, and we all need ideas for delicious cold desserts to make for our family and friends. Well, today is everyone lucky day because we found and immediately decided to share with you this amazing recipe from Gemma Stafford because it is an absolute gem!

If you are wondering what is the best part ,here it is.It is the fact that this recipe is so simple and delicious that will provoke you to try different flavors .

The uniqueness in Gemma’s way of making sorbet is the ingredients she uses — fruit and condensed milk.
She starts with food processor or a blender and puts some frozen raspberries inside the blender. Using frozen fruit oftentimes results in a better sorbet because of the thicker texture.

Her next step is adding condensed milk in order to prevent ice crystals from forming and make that rich sorbet texture .

For the end you just blend everything together and then stick it all in the freezer!

Enjoy !!!

Gemma creates five flavors of sorbet:

-raspberry, -cantaloupe/mint, -strawberry/lime, -mango/passion-fruit, and


You can enjoy in flavors that Gemma demonstrated,or you can experiment with all the different flavor combinations!
You can watch this delicious and quick homemade sorbet recipe with your friends and family that are made by Gemma Stafford,and get inspired.

Via: shareably.net

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