JUST ADD IT TO A GLASS OF WATER: It Burns Fat, it Protects the Heart, and it Prevents Diabetes… – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Adding slices of cucumber to a glass of water is the latest hit, gaining popularity after a number of models started recommending it as a way to slim down and stay fit. However, this water also has numerous health benefits, but people do not talk about them often.

Here’s how you can prepare this healing and refreshing cucumber water:

Wash and slice a whole, unpeeled, organic cucumber and add it to a glass container with two liters of water. Store it in the fridge for an hour or two and consume it chilled.

The American Association for Heart Health has issued a report stating that cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in America. The best way for people to protect their heart health is to follow a healthier eating plan. Cucumber water is very beneficial when it comes to reducing blood pressure, thus reducing the risk of developing a heart disease.

If you want to make your muscles larger, consume at least two glasses of this beverage a day (especially if you exercise).

It is a great beverage for preventing and treating diabetes, Alzheimer’s, eye diseases, etc.

Cucumbers are abundant in strong antioxidants that boost the brain function, reduce stress and prevent the development of diseases associated with aging.

One of the most dangerous conditions that can affect people regardless of their age is osteoporosis. Cucumbers are not able to treat osteoporosis, but they can make your bones stronger thanks to the high amounts of vitamin K they contain.

This beverage is going to hydrate, tone, and soothe your skin, all thanks to the high silicate content of cucumbers. This property of cucumbers is also very beneficial when it comes to treating of acne. Cucumber water is rich in antioxidants that also protect the skin.

Cucumber water is very powerful detoxification beverage that contains quantities of fiber and water, which can help you eliminate the accumulated toxins from your body.

Via: non-stophealthy.com

  • Burns Fat
  • Diabetes
  • Protects Heart