Kombucha – Why They Call It The Tea Of Immortality! (Recipe Included) – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

In ancient times, kombucha was only for kind’s castles and was untouchable secret in Japan.

Russia call it the“tea kvass” and use it a lot .

After worlds war 2 ,Dr. Rudolph Skelnar spread the interest for kombucha in Germany, by using it to treat metabolic disorders, cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.

During the process of fermentation and oxidation, the fungus in tea works with feeds on the sugar in the tea and and produces valuable substances like: glycolic and lactic acid, vitamins, amino acids, antibiotic ingredient.

This is why this tea is like a small biochemical factory.

Kombucha has lot of vitamin C ,vitamins B1, B2, B3, B12, and B6 and also has enzymes and it’s especially important to say that it contains milk – L acid.

How to make Kombucha tea?


-3 and a half quarts of water -A cup of sugar -Eight bags of green or black tea -2 cups of kombucha -One scoby per jar -Optional flavoring -Stock pot -Glass jar -Coffee filters to cover the jar -Bottles



Boil the water and add the sugar.
Then add the tea , let it steep until its completely cold then remove the tea bags and stir.

Next,put the tea in the jar, add the scoby,cover the jar with a few tightly-woven coffee filters and secure with rubber band.
Ferment up to ten days:
-Put the jar at a room temperature, but out of direct sunlight and check the scoby and the kombucha from time to time.

Scoby will float during the fermentation process and in a few days, a new layer of scoby will form on the surface.

There will also appear brown stringy pieces floating around, sediment at the bottom, and bubbles around the scoby. This are signs for healthy fermentation.

Seven days later, start drinking the kombucha every day.

Next, remove the scoby.

First cool down another pot for the next batch then remove the scoby from the jar and place it on a clean plate and if it happens to be very thick then remove the bottom layer.

Put the finished kombucha in a bottle with any herbs, juice or fruit you want to use for flavor and remember to leave half an inch free space in the bottles.

REMEMBER to keep it on a room temperature two days to carbonate then put it in the fridge and consume it in a month.

To make a new batch of kombucha, you need to wash the jar,mix the starter tea from the previous batch with the fresh batch of tea, and put it in the fermentation jar.

Put the scoby on the top, cover it, and leave it so it can ferment for ten days.

To alter the batch size, use one cup of sugar, eight bags of tea, and two cups starter tea per gallon.

If you make a break of 3 weeks, keep the scoby in a fresh batch of the tea in the fridge.

You mustn’t ferment kombucha in metal containers, and avoid contact with aluminum because it will give a metallic taste and weaken the scoby.

Vinegary smell is okay, but if the kombucha starts to smell rotten or cheesy then something is wrong.
Expired kombucha becomes black and if its green mold, it means that it’s infected and need to be thrown away.

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