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Blood Group Health Risks

Four blood types, A, B, AB and 0 and two Rh factors, plus and minus. The group and Rh factor are inherited from your parents. After many years of research of the importance of blood types for our health finally, today we know how some blood types are related with diseases.

Women with blood type A are more fertile but vulnerable from stomach cancer, the blood type O has smaller chances for heart attacks but has high blood pressure, and the blood type B can get pancreatic cancer.

Blood Group A – fertile, but prone to drinking

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article women with A blood type are more inflicted of cancer of the stomach especially if they smoke or drink alcohol often. Women with A blood type are more fertile because as the time passes and they get older they lose fewer egg cells.

Tip: Eating a banana can help against cancer cells.

Blood Type B – increased possibility of ulcers, but better metabolism

People with blood type B are more inflicted from pancreatic cancer, and can have weaker memory , dementia and Alzheimer’s in older age. But when it comes to general health,people with bold type B have a better metabolism and can build up muscles easier.

Blood Group O – reduced risk of heart attack and reduced fertility

If you are blood type O it’s most likely that you will have less risk of heart attack and stomach cancer , but unfortunately you will have increased the risk of stomach ulcers caused by bacteria Helicobacter pylori . Men with 0 blood type are more prone to obesity,and women on fewer and poorer quality of eggs and heavier fertility. Also, people with type O are more immune to stress because their level of the stress hormone cortisol decreases quicker.

Tips: Eat more strawberries

Blood group AB – prone to heart attacks, but with quality vision

Women with AB is more vulnerable from ovarian cancer, and pregnant ones have increased the risk to develop high blood pressure-preeclampsia. These people are prone to heart diseases, strokes, and digestive issues like chronic gastritis, Crohn’s ailment and other.
People from this group are very resistant to stress.

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