Linseed Decoction: Get A Perfect Body, Make Your Skin Glow and Reduce Cellulite – Healthy Food And Sport Tips


Linseed is rich with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and dietary fibers, all of them normalize the bowel work.

By eating linseed you will : -clean your body from toxins, – normalizes the metabolism, -reduces the level of blood sugar, -decreases appetite, -supplies the organism with lecithin,

– boost the process of fat burning.

Linseed Detoction for Weight Loss – Recipe


In the evening:

– 3 tablespoons of linseed – 1 l of boiling water over them.

Allow it to steep overnight. Use a vacuum flask (thermos), or use a pot or any kind of container with a lid.

In the morning:

Strain it. Do not throw the seed away instead consume it with your breakfast or dinner.


The strained liquid should be consumed during the course of a day:
-150 ml for 3-4 times, 30 minutes before meals.

Prepare it every night prior to the day of consumption.

How long should it be consumed?

10 days and then pause 10 days.

This drink does not cause addiction and the lose of weight is healthy and completely secure . To lose weight you need to make at least 3-5 such treatments.

Also by consuming it your skin will gradually become healthier, firmer, and more elastic.

It is not recommended for consumption in case of:

-Liver problems

-Kidney stones

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