Lose Weight Instantly with this Proven Water Diet – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

If you want to reduce weight a little, we suggest the new hit diet based upon water by which in a healthy way you will lose the unwanted weight.

If you want to eliminate the excess weight of problematic body parts, this diet plan is ideal for you. Utilizing the “water diet” you can lose half a kilo a day.

However, in such a food program you need to not be constantly, but at a lot of 2 or 3 successive days or over a day combined with a normal diet, not for a long term, however just periodically.

Here’s how it looks the meal strategy with water diet


A Large glass of water, tea or newly squeezed juice. Fruit and freshly squeezed juice you can consume as much as you want.


A big glass of water, tea or newly squeezed juice. A number of fruit fruits combine different types.


A big glass of water before meals and tea after meals. The lunch consists of fresh veggies in an amount at will, with the addition of vinegar, a little oil, lemon or spices. You can include olives in the salad as well. Allowable vegetables are artichokes, celery, lettuce, carrots, peppers, cucumber, onion, corn, tomatoes.


A big glass of water, tea or freshly squeezed juice. A glass of milk or yogurt or 30 grams of cheese or a piece of fruit.


Drink a glass of water before and a cup of tea after eating. The meal should consist of 100 grams of meat (chicken or beef) or 150 g of fish (hake) or an egg with veggies of your choice.

Via: zinchat.com