Lose Weight Without Diets And Exercises By Lying Down 3 Times A Day In This Way – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

People don’t like when they have to change their daily routine even of it is a bad one.

So if you don’t have a workout included in your daily routine if you decide to incorporate exercising in their daily schedule it might come hart on you.

One well known physician from Japan has found a solution for this problem and by this he helped many people to lose weight not only fast but very easy by using this unique way.

Book of this amazing physician- Fukutsudzi is about his treatment and is sold in a millions of copies all over Asia.

All you need is :

– a towel, -string to fasten the towel and -a flat surface.

Try doing this up to 5 times every day.

He says that lying down in a certain position will help you lose weight and this is possible because of the subcostal and pelvic bone or their adjustment.

Here how to lose weight:

1. Fasten the rolled towel with a string.

2. Sit on a surface.

3. Next,place the towel beneath your navel area and place your body in a sleeping position.

4. Now you can spread your legs to a shoulder-wide position and bring together your big toes to a merely touch.

5. Finally spread your arms to an ear-wide position,place your palms on the ground in a way that your two smallest fingers touch.

When you are well set try to stay like that for five minutes.

This should be repeated every day for 3 times a day ,remember it might be a little uncomfortable in the beginning but this is not a reason for you to give up.

When you are done first, turn on your side, then sit up, and then you can stand up.

If you have spine injury or pain first consult a doctor and then if he allow it you may do this exercise.

At the beginning the bones will come back to place so if you feel pain , do two-minute and when you will feel ready increase the time.

The best motivation are good results so measure before starting the method and then continue doing it at a week or so in order to keep your self motivated.

Once you set your goal and start practicing this method you will not only become thinner,but also happier and healthier, and even gain better posture of your body.

Via:  choosehealthylife.com