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Everyone has had a black and blue mark that arises as bruises when blood vessels are damaged or broken, says Medicine Net.

If you bump your knee, blood leaks from injured blood vessels to give rise to a raised area or purplish flat mark on the skin.

No need to use your make up to cover it because there are home remedies speed up the recovery process .


It decreases inflammation, reduces pain, and make a bruise fade more quickly, publishes Reader’s Digest Best Health Magazine.

Just crush a handful of parsley leaves ,spread them over the bruise,then wrap the parsley-covered bruise in an elastic bandage and let its magic work.

2.Vinegar and warm water.

Use vinegar and warm water to the bruise or as Reader’s Digest Best Health Magazine recommend trying witch hazel for the same effect.


Heal With Food is great because is full of Vitamin K and C. Just break the ridges of a few cabbage leaves ,dip them in hot water,then apply the strips to the bruise and try adding sauerkraut, or fermented cabbage, to your diet.

4.Cayenne pepper and vaseline.

Skin Again recommends : – mix 1 part cayenne pepper

– 5 parts vaseline.

Let it cool and then apply to the bruise.

5.Tea bags.

Annie’s Remedies recommended to apply a tea bag dipped in hot water to a bruise.

6.Boiled egg.

Livestrong recommends:
-wrap the egg white from a boiled egg with a silver ring in a thin handkerchief or cloth while the egg is still hot.

Apply the cloth to the bruise with rubbing and moving the egg until it cools.


Pineapple and papaya are rich with bromelain, and because of it Skin Again recommended to: – mix : – pineapple, -papaya, -ginger and

-cayenne pepper for an added kick.

8. Onion.

Herbalist Hut recommends onion as the best natural remedies for bruises because of the natural pain relievers and contains properties .Just apply freshly cut onion mixed with salt .

Via:  remedydaily.com

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