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My Story: “One Day I Said ‘No More’

My Story: “One Day I Said ‘No More’

Veronica had all but given up on losing weight. She was overweight for all her life and spend all that time hoping that one day she would be able to lose weight too.

Being so anxious to lose weight she didn’t try to do it show, instead, she took a different route.

“When is the last time you looked in a mirror and really liked what you saw?” asks Veronica. “Three years ago I avoided mirrors at all costs because I absolutely hated what I saw.” “I did not set out to become a Beachbody Challenge Winner. In fact, I had serious doubts I would even get a goal.

Facing insurmountable odds my one goal at the time was just try, try my hardest to lose 50 pounds. I never even dreamed of becoming a Beachbody Challenge Grand Prize Finalist Winner. In fact, I had no idea such a thing even existed.”

“We are truly living in a time when hard work and success is greatly rewarded. I remember being 457 pounds and watching shows like The Biggest Loser and hoping and praying I could receive the help those contestants were getting.”

You must hope and pray but you also have to take action. She sais that if she applied to The Biggest Loser perhaps she might have been selected. Instead,just sit and wallow in her own self-misery.

Time passed by “Until one day she said to herself: NO MORE.”

“For far too long the black community has taken a base approach to health and fitness. Somehow it became acceptable and almost preferred for black women to be overweight. Words like “thick”, “phat” and even “healthy” were commonly used to describe overweight black women.”

“I want to inspire and help black women who want to change their lives and reach for better health and fitness,” Veronica testifies. “Years of fat acceptance can make it very difficult to even know…
…what a healthy body image is. Growing up I was what was known as “big boned”. Somehow I always believed that was true. I honestly thought that I was a natural plus size and always would be. Because I was told that by pretty much everyone I knew.”

I knew I could lose weight but I never knew I could actually have a healthy and fit body. I take this opportunity to tell anyone reading this, you can too.”

When she can do it so can you ,all you need is to look at yourself in a mirror and say NO MORE.

That will be the beginning of the end ,an end of your misery ,self-pity ,low self-esteem and extra weight .

We know that you can do it,but you need to know it too in order to succeed .

Thanks for reading and remember we BELIVE.