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Graviola is used in treatments for malignant diseases because its very efficient in destroying cancer cells, protects the immune system and prevents lethal infection. Experts say that Graviola (Annona muricata),a plant from Central and South America is powerful anti-cancer herbs. Graviola amazing evergreen herb with a mild and pleasant flavor and is used as fresh fruit or juice or as a whole plant – bark, leaves, fruits, seeds.

In the Peruvian Amazon Graviola leaves of Graviola is used as a sedative and as anti-diabetic leaves.In Brazilian Amazon tea made of leaves is used for treating the liver. In India, it is used to improve sleep,for anti-biliary diseases, and for sobering up. In Africa, people use it as an analgesic and as a remedy for fever.

Modern research shows that Graviola has a strong anticancer effect and can effectively kill cancer cells(researchers claim that it is ten thousand times stronger than modern drugs used in chemotherapy).

Lab tests show that Graviola tree extracts can kill cancer cells from 12 types of cancer( colon, breast, prostate, lung,pancreatic cancer and more).

When treating malignant diseases, Graviola destroys cancer cells without side effects and at the same time it protects the immune system, helps in avoiding deadly infections, establishes normal function of the organs, and restores vital energy and a positive outlook on life.

For health and full recovery of the body, experts recommend 2-4ml tincture of Graviola every day, three times a day.

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