New Killer Insect That Infects You In Just A Few Minutes If You Kill It With Bare Hands – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Some people can kill insects with bare hands but they are not aware of the danger because  some of them are very dangerous and can do a serious damage  to their health.

There is a new insect if you kill it can  spread a disfiguring skin condition and this bug is in a center of attention to all of us.

The “killer insect” for the first time is seen in India.

New Killer Insect

If you accidentally touch or attempt to kill this  bug with bare hands it can  transmit a deadly virus to your skin  at the place where you made body contact, which will rapidly spread throughout the entire  system.

In case you see this insect,  kill it with some object because if you do it with  your bare hands , it will spread a deadly viral infection which will circulate through your entire body in a matter of minutes.

The consequences of this virus are hardly treatable, so please be cautious when you try to kill a insect do it with some object .

Via: awesomema.com