Not Salt Or Sugar, This Is The Scariest White Poison That We Eat Every Day! – Healthy Food And Sport Tips


Here is exactly what it looks like salt glutamate E62 – an additive that is put in big amounts in almost all foods, it is used in nearly all restaurants to magnify the flavor of food.

White crystalline powder, resembling a salt and sugar. A liquid solution of it has the taste of soup with meat. It can be added to any food. Salt glutamate results in enhanced cravings, overeating, and weight problems.

Used to stimulate the cells in the brain, the result is like a drug. Permeates quickly in the blood and brain and results in a modification in the genes responsible for the taste.

Salt glutamate contained in all sausages, hotdogs, chips, prepared soups, cans, beer and lots of others. Safety dosage for an adult is 1.5 grams each day, and for children not over half a gram.

In the world today are used about 200 thousand heaps annually of this supplement. Symptoms of overdose E621 is called Chinese dining restaurant syndrome and might be dizziness, migraine, visual disturbances, hormonal imbalance, nausea, weakness, dizziness, chest discomfort, and more.

Found in 1907 in Japan, when Ikeda Kikunae exposed that the compound enhances the taste of food.

It not only improves the natural flavor of the products, however also improves the taste and scent of canning, junk food, frozen products.

He is popular in America and thanks to him, Americans purchase more food. Throughout the experiments, the scientists included salt glutamate in the diet of mice and they lost their eyesight.

One of the negative consequences of making use of sodium glutamate is that it affects the receptors of the tongue, which with time exacerbate the perception of food.

Often, since of glutamate that makes food extremely tasty, we can not stop eating any damaging foods like chips, chocolates, prepared soups and more.

He causes addiction so that people prefer products which contain it, which is beneficial for manufacturers given that it enhances their sales.


Food manufacturers benefit from using E621, due to the fact that this supplement decreases the expense of production and mask the low-quality items or production, so must be reversed.

Be mindful when choosing foods, read the details on the product packaging.

Use natural spices when cooking.

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