Obvious And Hidden Symptoms Of Breast Cancer!!!! – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Nowadays, breast cancer is the most dreaded sort of cancer among the female gender. According to statistics, 14 percent of all cancer types in women are breast cancer.

If we know and understand our body, especially the anatomy and function of our breasts, we can easily notice which changes are ordinary and which are abnormal. The breasts consist of breast tissue, fat tissue, connective tissue, arteries, nerves and veins. The function and appearance of the breasts changes with age.

Here are some advices on how you can detect some abnormal changes on your breasts, if any, and how you can take precautions.

1. Breast lump is the most common and the most noticeable sign. These lumps may be benign or they may be only cysts, but the chances that they might also be cancer cells are not excluded. However, cysts are most common of these possibilities, as they are a bag of fluid located into the tissue.

2. Performing regular examination on your body can lead to detecting any lumps or thick areas on the breasts or on the armpit.

3. When the breast size or shape changes.

4. When an unknown pain appears that is not related to your menstrual period, around the breast and armpit, you need to consult a doctor.

5. If your nipples are discharging milky or bloody liquids and you are not breastfeeding then it may be a sign of breast cancer.

6. Another cancer symptom may be the sunken skin on your breast.

7. Rashes on the skin of the nipples and swelling or redness of the lymph node on the armpit are some other signs of breast cancer.

It is extremely important for women to perform a self-examination for breast cancer regularly, since this cancer type treatment depends a lot on when the cancer is diagnosed.

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