People Think Brown Rice is Better Than White Because They Don’t Know THIS – Healthy Food And Sport Tips


We somehow instantly think of white whenever we hear about unhealthy and refined foods.

In most cases, white, unhealthy foods, have a healthier, brown option, such as white flour and whole flour , white sugar and brown sugar, etc. yet, this is not the case with all foods, as rice is one of the exceptions.

Probably most of you believe that white rice is harmful to your health. This is mostly due to the fact that they believe that it will spike the blood sugar after consumption.


People often avoid white rice because they think that it raises the blood sugar levels. This misconception is because of the white carbohydrate foods as white bread, which have high index of glycemic.

But in the case of rice, its type is the one that determines its blood sugar-raising properties, not its color. For example, basmati rice no matter of its color, it has low glycemic index.

The International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition published a study that reveals how white basmati rice increase lesser amount of blood sugar compare to the brown basmati rice. The study involved 14 healthy participant where all the participant were feed with 11 different types of rice, including white and brown basmati rice. To determine which type of the rice that fit to the category of medium – high index or low glycemic index, every participant got their blood glucose level measured.

The result of the study revealed that brown basmati rice belonged to the medium – high glycemic index category while white basmati rice belonged to the low glycemic index category. This result also shown that actually, color of the rice has nothing to do with its sugar level.


Brown rice contains more phytates than white rice, and even though it is not bad for your health, this makes it inferior to white rice.

Phytates are known as “anti-nutrient” as they inhibit the absorption of essential minerals found in food, such as calcium, zinc, and iron. In most cases this blockage of minerals doesn’t cause any serious health issues, but it has been reported that eating diet high in phytates can lead to mineral deficiency.

Therefore, although some claim that brown rice is healthier than white due to the fact that it is richer in nutrients, the fact that it inhibits body`s ability to absorb them makes this point irrelevant.

In a nutshell, don’t stick to the labels “good” or “bad” food as each of them comes with its pros and cons. In the case with rice, white version is superior, due to its taste, nutrition, and overall health.

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