Pineapple And Turmeric Drink Reverses Cancer-Causing Inflammation And Even Beats The Common Cold! – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

There are many ingredients that are beneficial for our health. But, here we will talk about pineapple, turmeric, ginger and lemon, ingredients that are already proven to have anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties.

In order to make this powerful and healing beverage, you should mix these ingredients together, nothing else.

This drink is good have many different functions, it fights cancer, also reduces inflammation and helps your body to revitalize and rejuvenate.

Here we present the healing properties of each of mentioned ingredients:

– pineapple is 5 times more effective than any cough syrup – turmeric contains a powerful anti-carcinogenic compound which is called curcumin – ginger kills even two types of cancer and is helpful in other diseases – coconut oil and black pepper improve the absorption of all the nutrients

– lemon contains citric acid which helps to break down kidney stones

Consuming this healing juice, you’ll feed every cell in your body and watch how your energy levels improve!


2 cups of ripe pineapple ½ a teaspoon of black pepper 3 inches of turmeric root 2 inches of ginger root 1 peeled lemon

1 teaspoon of coconut oil


First you should do is to put all the ingredients in a juicer and mix well. Then add the coconut oil at the end and stir with a spoon.
It is important to drink the beverage in the first 15 minutes of preparations in order to preserve the healing nutrients!

Now, just enjoy this amazing and healing beverage!