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Pumice Soap – Home Remedies For Foot Corns

Pumice Soap – Home Remedies For Foot Corns

Hello, Again here to talk about second home remedy you can do it from your home for Foot corn. Remedies of foot corn of my article series this is the third one. So let’s go to the foot corn remedy… “Pumice Soap Home Remedy for foot corns”.

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Pumice natural stone is known to be one of the greatest natural home remedies just for foot corn. Just in case you make use of the pumice natural stone, the actual hardened, along with dead skin area which is present on the feet, could be specially removed.

Generally, it will help to minimize the particular corn’s size, and thus, it gives getting rid of both the pain together with the pressure which the reason behind the corn. Consequently, this particular easy remedy helps you to successfully cure the actual corns overnight.

Steps to make Use Of This?

  • To begin with, you have to soak the feet in a tub that contains hot water which usually helps you to make the hard area of your foot very soft. Next, you need to carefully make use of the pumice natural stone to scrub the hard a part of your foot for around 6 to 12 mins.
  • After that, you may make utilization of castor oil; all that you need is usually to dip a cotton ball in the castor oil. Next, you are able to either use this specific on the impacted area or else, attach the specific cotton ball with the aid of a tape overnight for the foot corn.
  • Each day morning time period, think about removing the specific tape and after that, put on a few castor oil in which area especially each and every day whenever your feet truly feel dry.
  • An identical move is required to be repeated before you get getting rid of the foot corn.

Try this home remedy and share with us your ideas and comments. It’s very effective and good for the foot corn. See you Next Time With “White Vinegar – Home Remedies For Foot Corns”. Like, follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for more updates from health and beauty treatment blog.


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