Reasons Why You Should Use Coconut Oil Everyday – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Coconut oil has been getting a lot of press lately but it is one product that actually lives up the hype. Coconut oil really is healthy for you and it has a lot of proven health benefits that can make a big difference in your life. Study after study has proven the health benefits of coconut oil. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should be using coconut oil every day:

1. Healthy Hair

Using coconut oil on wet hair instead of conditioner will make your hair soft and shiny as well as strengthen your hair to prevent further damage. Rubbing coconut oil into your scalp can eliminate dry scalp and dandruff problems. Coconut oil can also protect the scalp and hair from lice and other pests. If you color treat your hair, use hot curlers or straighteners, or live in a hot and dry climate that can cause your hair to become damaged switch from conditioner to coconut oil and you will see a drastic difference in the health of your hair. Using coconut oil on your hair in the winter can also prevent static problems that come from being indoors in a heated room all day.


2. Healthy Skin

Your skin can also benefit from coconut oil. When you eat more coconut oil the anti-oxidants in the coconut oil will fight free radicals in your body which can cause skin damage over time. Applying coconut oil directly to your skin, instead of lotion or moisturizer, can give you the soft skin you want without the drying effects of lotion. When applied to your face coconut oil fights discolorations, lines and wrinkles and it’s safe to use even around your eyes. Use coconut oil instead of harsh chemical makeup removers and your skin will be soft and supple after you take off your makeup instead of being dry and brittle.

3. Healthy Digestion

If you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome or you suffer from digestion problems adding coconut oil to your diet can help regulate the microorganisms in your gut and make your digestive system function regularly. Replacing butter and other fats with coconut oil will provide the relief that you are looking for from symptoms like bloating, indigestion, cramping and other digestive ailments.

4. Healthy Heart

Coconut oil is good for your heart. Coconut oil is high in healthy cholesterol which can benefit your heart and reduce the amount of unhealthy cholesterol in the body. When you use coconut oil for cooking or take it as a supplement each day your heart will be stronger and it will be easier for your heart to fight off damage and disease.


5. Healthy Weight Loss

For years people have tried low fat diets to lose weight but they always fail. That’s because healthy fats are an essential part of a healthy diet. The body needs fat for fuel and for other processes. The key is to eat healthy fats like pure coconut oil. Pure coconut oil can easily be broken down by the body and used to keep you healthy. A small amount of healthy fat from coconut oil will give you the rich and sweet taste that you crave while giving your body the fuel it needs to function efficiently and that will help you lose weight naturally.

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