Sassy Water For a Flat Stomach – Follow The Preparation Instructions And You’re Guaranteed To Get The Desired Result – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

This isn’t one of the expensive products for weight lose that cost a fortune, this is a simple recipe of a drink made of plain water enriched with herbs excellent for melting fat.

Nutritionist Cynthia Sass, who invented this drink for what we are eternally grateful , says that this drink not only melts extra weight but is great for whole organism.

It is very simply to make:


– 1 teaspoon ginger root – 1 fresh cucumber (peeled and chopped into thin slices) – 1 fresh lemon (also chopped into thin slices)

– 12 mint leaves

First – you need to put all ingredients into 8 glasses of water.

Second – leave it overnight (during which time each ingredient contributes to the magic of Sassy water.
Third.-consume it the next day.

We can only add that this drink has a pleasant taste and a refreshing effect.

Try to combine it with moderate exercise for faster and better results.

Via: http://www.takeabreakrelax.com

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