Say Goodbye To The Kidney Stones Just By Drinking Half A Cup Of This Drink – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

If you don’t want to have kidney stones then you need to know causes them and how to prevent it.

Solid piece of material forms in the kidneys if substances(oxalate, calcium and phosphorus ) present in the urine become highly concentrated.

Drink a lot of water regularly to avoid dehydration and stones .

How citric acid protect your kidneys and stop the production of kidney stones?

Citric acid prevents forming of stones and break up the small stones which are beginning to form.

Citric acid makes the urine less favorable for the stone formation and prevents small stones from becoming “bid and problem stones” .

Limes and lemons are rich with citric acid.

Drink only ½ a cup of this drink to keep your kidneys clean.


– ½ or 120 ml. of pure lemon juice daily or
– 950 ml. of homemade lemonade .

Take 180 ml. of water and add 50 ml. of lemon juice.

Drink the mixture 2 times in a day – in the morning and in the evening.

If you have some health issues consult your doctor first.

Via: choosehealthylife.com

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