Shocking: The Effects Of Negative Thoughts And Emotions On Your Body – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Not a second of a normal person’s life goes by without having some type of an emotion. Whether it would be happiness or sadness, joy or depression, emotions are a crucial part of our day. But, what we should also know is that our emotions are connected to our overall health.

Depending on the emotion you are feeling in a certain moment, our body releases different chemicals and those chemicals create a different environment within the body itself. Serotin, dopamine or oxytocin are released when we experience happiness. On the other hand, when we feel stress our body will release cortisol, a totally different hormone that puts the body in a different state.

What about when we are thinking negative thoughts all the time? Or how about when we are thinking positive thoughts? What about when we are not emotionally charged to neither positive nor negative? Let’s explore how these affect our body and life.


Negative thoughts vs Positive thoughts

Our brain defines what will be negative or positive in the most cases. The brain is the most powerful tools in our bodies so as it judges something to be negative or positive we are getting a different reaction.

For example: Some people will get pissed off when they will get cut off by another vehicle and will change their mood immediately while some will just hit the brake and continue like nothing happened before. We can conclude that things aren’t always negative or positive by definition, but it is how will we define them.

Change the way of seeing the things

There are no negative or positive things by definition in the most cases, but it is only your perception how you will define them. You are the only creator of how a situation affects your body. After knowing how the feelings affect our bodies, you will definitely improve that self control.

Mind Body Connection

The connection between your mind and body is very powerful and although it cannot be visually seen, the effects your mind can have on your physical body are profound. We can have an overall positive mental attitude and deal directly with our internal challenges and in turn create a healthy lifestyle or we can be in negative, have self destructive thoughts and not deal with our internal issues, possibly even cloak those issues with affirmations and positivity without finding the route and in turn we can create an unhealthy lifestyle. Why is this?

The power is within us

According to David Suzuki breath exhaled from verbal anger and expression, jealousy and hatred contain toxins. 80 guinea pigs can be killed by accumulated 1 hr of these toxins. So try to imagine the harm you are doing to your bodies with unprocessed emotional experience and negative thoughts in your mind.

We have the power to deal with all the pain, negative emotions and energy. So do not get stressed over little things or do not judge on small situations as negative or positive. Look at the situations with positive energy, slow down, take a breath and observe the things before reacting. Preserve your health, keep a positive attitude, help and love the people around you.

Via: justnaturallyhealthy.com