Straighten Your Hair Permanently with This Simple 4- Ingredient Recipe – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Some ingredients can help you make your hair smooth, shiny, and straight .

You can use permanent hair strengthening and you will have good results for a period of one year.
This is not an 100% naturally and permanently way and it will also damage your hair.

Here we will tell you about one completely natural and in only half an hour, you hair will be straight and healthy-looking.

This paste for hair strengthening works for all hair types and will make your hair smooth and straight for more than a week.

Ingredients :

– 1 cup of coconut oil

– Juice of 1 lemon

– 3 tbsp of cornstarch

– 2 tbsp of olive.

How to make it:

Mix and apply the mixture onto your hair.

Then put on a shower cup and a hot towel over the cup and let it stay for 2 hours.

Finally rinse as usually and enjoy your straight and smooth hair!

Take a look at the video below to learn more:

Via: healthtipsportal.com

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