Take 1 Teaspoon of This Spice Every Day and Lose Over 10 pounds a Month – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Weight loss is not always bound to strict dietary regimens or strenuous workout routines. You can successfully increase your weight loss results by simply introducing some simple ingredients, such as spices, into your diet. This not only makes weight loss easy and convenient, but also improves your overall health. Plus, it savors the taste of your dishes.

Starvation has never been the best choice for weight loss. Weigh easily melt when foods are properly combined, and when you use natural ingredients to boost the metabolism.

So, one study conducted by researchers from the University of Medical Sciences in Iran, discovered that one particularly common spice is extremely beneficial for weight loss. The study involved 44 overweight women who followed a healthy diet, with a daily intake of 500 calories for a period of 90 days. They were divided in two groups: one was given a breakfast consisted of yogurt and cumin powder, and the other received only yogurt.

When the research was done, it was concluded that the group that had cumin powder in their yogurt lost 14,64% more fat than those in the control group, who lost only 4,91% fat.

Cumin owes its amazing fat-burning properties to phytosterols, chemical compounds that inhibit cholesterol buildup in the body. This spice also has a thermogenic effect, which naturally boosts your metabolism into burning-fat.

So, if you’re trying to cut pounds off your weight, simply include this spice into your diet on a regular basis.

Via: http://www.healthandlovepage.com