Team Larry: Man Who Inspired A Nation To Lose Weight Dies At 40 – Healthy Food And Sport Tips


Larry is a man to be remembered .He lived in Missouri and his weight loss story inspired millions to get healthy has passed away. With the help of his two friends, Larry Evans he started with 823 and came down to unbelievable 587 pounds just a two-year period.

He and his friends documented this whole process and posted everything on a very popular facebook page called, “Team Larry.”

Without gimmicks, surgeries or diets, Larry manage to drop his weight the old-fashioned way: exercising and changing his diet.

The pictures and videos he posted documenting his weight loss journey, made his page extremely popular. One of his Facebook videos had more than 27,837,900 views!

During this time Evans had been battling pneumonia and that may be the cause of death.

Fans from all over the world show their condolences by writing on his facebook wall:

A personal trainer Denise posted:
“My heart is BROKEN.I loved this man and he motivated me as a fitness trainer. His tenacity and zest for life, to become healthy, was unbelievable. What an inspiration, this news is so sad. RIP my sweet friend and prayers go out to his loved ones.”

A loyal fan, Cody posted:
“RIP brother. Every time I go to the gym wearing my Team Larry shirt, I will say a prayer.”

Taronga from Illinois posted:
“Wow so sad my prayers is with the whole Evans family Larry has inspired men, my husband, to keep pushing no matter what obstacles lie ahead of us.”

The family issued an official statement to all of Larry’s followers:

“Through all of the challenges, he never gave up. Larry is in heaven now, with the same mission. He is…
Rest in peace Larry. You are missed. You encouraged us and will continue to do so.


Thanks for reading and stay inspired .No goal is too far if you are ready to hold on .

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