The Easiest And Fastest Way To Remove Your Armpit Hair! – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

We should take care about every part of our body and to maintain our personal hygiene. The underarms are no exception. We should pay special attention to them because hey carry along a couple of unwanted problems, like underarm hair, sweat and unpleasant odor. If we want to maintain our personal hygiene and avoid unpleasant situations (like hairs peeking from under the shirt or bad body odor) we should pay extra attention to our underarms.

They are especially annoying and uncomfortable for the women. We need to shave them every day especially in the summer because they grow faster and can be noticed very easily. And it goes like this non-stop.

But, you may think that shaving is the only solution for underarms, but is not. There are a couple of natural solutions which will help you get rid of the hair and will leave your skin smooth and healthy. You just need to pick which one suits your needs best and never use the razor again.

There are three methods that are equally effective; it’s up to you to choose which one you prefer. You can try them all out and then decide, but we’re sure you’ll never go back to shaving.

Corn flour and eggs

Combine ½ tbsp. of corn flour and 1 egg, whip them up and create a paste. Apply the paste under your arm and leave it to dry. It’s as simple as it looks, and in the end you just need to rinse it off with some warm water.

Milk and turmeric

For this paste you’ll need 2 tbsp. of milk and 1 tbsp. of turmeric. Mix the ingredients and apply the paste on your armpits. This is also simple procedure, you just don’t forget at the end to rinse with warm water.

Lemon and sugar

Waxing with sugar has been used and very popular in Asia for many years now, and it’s a good idea that we try it as well. It’s easy to prepare and apply and it’s really effective. Mix 1 tbsp. of sugar with 2 tbsp. of lemon juice to make a thick paste. Apply the paste on your armpit and leave it on for a few minutes. Take a clean cloth and gently wipe the paste off. For a positive results you should repeat the method 2-3 times a week and observe how your underarm hair disappear.

Via: healthtipsportal.com