The Importance of Liver Detoxification and Why To Do It – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

You might be wondering why should you detoxify your Liver when the liver is the detox organ…Well, we have an answer that everything should know too .

First, we will tell you that the liver is the largest organ in humans body and is sited in the upper right portion of the abdominal cavity. He has over five hundred vital functions,like the production of bile which helps carry away waste and breaks down fats, stores glucose in the form of glycogen, stores vitamins A, D, K, B 12, iron, copper, and folate , makes blood clotting factors and lots of other.

Liver Detoxification

When we talk about liver detox we are referring to the way on which human body rids itself of waste.This is a metabolic process that involves the liver’s detoxification enzyme systems. These detoxification enzyme systems turn toxic substances into non-toxic, water-soluble compounds and they are later eliminated through urine, sweat, and stool. The primary focus of a liver detox is at liver’s enzyme systems. But the gastrointestinal tract is also instrumental in decreasing toxic load.

Why we need detoxification of our Liver?

Liver detoxification is like changing oil in the car, because over time, oil becomes dirty as a part of the general day-to-day wear and tear.The filter in time becomes dirty, blocked and over-worked, and is causing malfunction or even engine breakdown. This happens in humans body and can cause lots of symptoms often not identified and unrelated to the liver. Drugs cannot cleanse the liver of toxins or repair the damage to the liver cells ,so in order to cleanse and repair the liver we need to use nutritional and complementary medicine backgrounded with scientific evidence and clinical experience.

What we must, in this case, is to keep the intestines moving regularly,to sweep their walls with high fiber and living foods and to use the bowels as a channel of elimination because the bowels cannot cleanse, filter or remove toxic wastes from the bloodstream.It is a job that only the liver can do.

Usually, the human body is naturally detoxing, but these days our bodies are exposed to lots of contaminants from farmed food, processed foods, pharmaceutical medications, cosmetics and all the pollutants in our environment, both in and outdoors…this overload slows down the ability to process and remove toxins and they build up .

How to detoxify your Liver

Chronic pain, low energy, and poor sleep are some of the symptoms that warn you to clean up your detoxification pathways. Here are some ways for natural detoxication of liver.

Warm Lemon Water

– Use it every morning without adding sugar, because it is not a lemonade. This purified water combined with a dose of fresh lemon juice.will make your liver produce more enzymes .


– Compounds in avocado can protect the liver from damage and diseases like galactosamine which is a “powerful” toxin that does a liver damage much like human viral hepatitis.


– This powerful spice protects the liver from damage and encourages regeneration of liver cells.It also increases natural bile production and helps in keeping the body toxin-free.


– Add garlic to your meal because it has sulfur compounds which activate enzymes in the liver. It also has allicin and selenium, which protects your liver .

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