These 5 Diseases Are All Caused by Microwave Ovens, and You’ve Probably Ignored Them! – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

We can all agree that microwave ovens are one of the most practical things in the kitchen. It has been widely used for more than 30 years due to its simplicity and practicality.

However, there is a very interesting question regarding microwaves. In case you have been wondering whether microwaves are the healthy and safe way of cooking, we have to disappoint you. In fact, microwaves are not as healthy because they don’t keep the nutrients in the food as other ways of cooking do.

A microwave is a form of non-ionizing radiation. As a matter of contrast, ionizing radiation changes the electromagnetic nature of atoms or ionizes them. This alters the way they interact with other atoms and molecules around them. X-rays, gamma radiation, and nuclear medicine (CT scans, barium swallows, and mammograms) are types of ionizing radiation. Your food is being zapped by high-frequency waves of heat, and some people argue that this radiation can be very harmful to your health.

We are going to show you the 5, most common diseases, caused by microwave ovens.

1. Insomnia

According to some studies, microwaves can lead to brain damage. The early signs of this problem include insomnia.

2. Fatigue

There are several confirmed cases of chronic fatigue and obesity that were linked to microwaves.

3. Loss of Nutrients

As you are probably aware, whenever you use a microwave to prepare your meal, you are eliminating many of the nutrients found in it.

4. Loss of Antioxidants

Microwave ovens basically destroy the antioxidants found in the food, which significantly increases the risk for heart attack and cholesterol.

5. Cancer

The radiation from the microwave ovens accumulate in the human body and can be the cause of cancer.

The bottom line is that we should find a different way to prepare our meals and stay away from microwave ovens if you care about your health.

Via: http://www.healthylifevision.com