Get Rid Of Flatulence And Bloating
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Get Rid Of Flatulence And Bloating

Get Rid Of Flatulence And Bloating

Do not let the bloated stomach prevent you put on that narrow dress that you like a lot – instead, obey these tips on what you should eat and what you should avoid in order to have a flat stomach.

Avoid these products

Nutritionist Rick Hay advise you avoid beans, onions, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower, products that cause bloating. Instead, eat apples, pears and melons that are stroked with fiber. Also, eat products containing probiotics because they help digestion.

Eat bananas, kiwi, strawberries

bananas-kiwi-strawberries-flatulenceThis fruit contains a lot of potassium, and, therefore, has excellent diuretic properties and helps in the expulsion of toxins from the body.


Avoid chewing gum

Chewing gum contains xylitol, sorbitol and mannitol, which stimulate the production of gas in the digestive tract, and it is the last thing you need.

Reduce your intake of dairy products

get-rid-of-flatulence-dairy-productsOne of the most striking symptoms of lactose intolerance is bloating and the lower intake of dairy products is an excellent first degree to solve that problem. The nutritionist advises eating fewer grains which are sometimes “challenging” for digestion.

Do not talk while eating

Not only because it is rude, but because on the way you will swallow air that contributes to flatulence.



Stress increases the production of adrenaline, which can overly stimulate the digestive system, and consequently bloating and gases. Try to relax, it will help.