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There is only one ingredient that can “Cure All Diseases”, an Even though ad that is black cumin seed oil .Thanks to its miraculous ingredient it can inhibit cancer cell activity and can also kill some types of cancer cells. Black cumin is an ancient remedy and it is used for curing diseases.

Scientific studies(including animal studies) have shown that that black seed oil ( Nigella sativa) is powerful anti-cancer drug and can be used to treat some kinds of cancer.

Thymoquinone is extracted from black cumin seed oil and has health benefits for different inflammatory diseases like liver cancer,breast cancer,cervical cancer,melanoma skin cancer,prostate cancer,pancreatic cancer,colon cancer,lymphoma,brain cancer,stomach cancer,bone cancer and cervical cancer.

After decades of study, positive effects in cancer research wEven through human clinical tests were rare scientists manage to find out that its benefits are highly effective and there are almost no negative side effects.

We must mention that black cumin seed oil has some benefits in conventional medicine.

This guide will show you all cancer-fighting benefits of black cumin seed oil found in research studies.
Treating Cancer with Black Seeds for Centuries

2 different studies from 2011(in China and Saudi Arabia) reconfirmed the cancer-fighting benefits and that black seed oil is used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. The anti-cancer benefits are from thymoquinone and the oil. Black cumin can fight with diseases like cardiovascular complications, asthma, diabetes, kidney disease and a lot more…It can also fight cancer within blood system, kidneys, prostate, lungs, cervix, skin, liver, and breast.

The studies have shown that extract thymoquinone can work like an antioxidant and strengthened defense system of the body.

The black seed oil with inducing apoptosis kills the following types of cells(no toxins released):unwanted cells , old cells and unhealthy cells (like cancer cells).

This oil can control the Akt pathway( the process involved in the management of cell survival). This controls both the cancer cells and healthy normal cells. The cancer-fighting properties of Nigella sativa were known years ago,but modern science is doing researches only in past 20-30 years.

Powerful Benefits of Black Seeds & Honey – Part of Folk Medicine

Researchers from Egypt studied protective benefits of Nigella grains and bee honey on cancer and oxidative stress created in rats exposed to the strong carcinogen. They had 4 infected groups of rats ,some of these groups were given honey or black seeds and on one group was given both honey and black seeds.

After 6 months rats that took black seeds were 80 percent protected and rats that took both: black seeds and honey every day were found to have 100 percent protection against cancer development, oxidative stress, and inflammatory responses.

Using Black Seed Oil for Aiding with Radiation Treatments

In 2014 ,researchers from Turkey studied black seed oil and found that it has benefits to people that are already getting radiation treatment for cancer. He result of the study shown that the cancer patients were suffering from severe side effects from radiation therapy. The parents suffered these side effects both during and after being treated. They also studied the impact of irradiation and black seed oil on the liver tissue’s oxidant and antioxidant system in the case of irradiated rats.

Indian scientists in 2012 conducted a study investigating the effects of the black seeds extract on mice that were exposed to gamma radiation. They study two groups:normal healthy mice and mice bearing the tumor,and did it with imitated human clinical setup where healthy tissues in cancer patients get exposure to radiation therapy. They give black seed extract to the mice before exposing him to gamma radiation. 100mg of the extract for every 1 kg body weight. The findings showed that the seed partly protected the liver, brain, intestines and spleen from damage from gamma radiation in both mice . They conclude that : liquid extract from black seeds offer protection from radiation and biochemical alterations and reduce the damage . The extract can save free radicals, has antioxidant benefits and can be used for reducing side effects from radiation therapy. It helps protection from oxidative stress in healthy tissues and improves the quality of life of cancer patients who are undergoing radiation therapy.

Effects of Black Seeds on Liver Cancer Cells & Uncontrolled cell Growth

In 2013 Indian scientists studied thymoquinone, and they tested 2 groups of rats with liver cancer. The first group got water with 0.01 % of thymoquinone, and the second group got plain water. After a period of 4 months, the second group showed a significant increase in the size of a liver tumor. At the first group of rat’s liver injury markers and tumor markers were reduced, no development of cancer nodules in this group and lesser tumor formation compared to the group that didn’t receive any thymoquinone.The conclusion t was that thymoquinone helps to treat liver cancer and to prevent the proliferation of cancer cells.

In 2012 in Egypt study that involved human liver cancer cells was made .It included the anti-tumor properties of black seed oil and bee honey and was also examined the effect of substances in eliminating unhealthy cells like cancer. Both ingredients helped in reducing the viability of liver cancer cells and enhanced the antioxidant status of the cells, inducing death of cancer cells through apoptosis.

Black Seed Oil & Lung Cancer Cells

In 2014, Saudi Arabia’s group of researchers claimed the use of black seeds in traditional medicine for the treatment of various diseases thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant benefits.They studied the anti-cancer properties of black seed oil and its extract in human lung cancer cells by exposing it on black seed oil or extract for 24 hours. It was used 0.01 mg per ml of the oil or 1 mg per ml of the extractIt showed that the oil and extract from black seed can do a huge reduction in the number of living cancer cells and can alter cellular morphology. It was proven that the higher oil/extract concentration the higher amount of cell death.The final result was that black seed extract and oil do the huge reduction in viability of human lung cancer cells.

Black Seed & Malignant Brain Cancer Cells

In 2013, Ohio State University scientist published a study about glioblastoma’s destructive effect and common kind of malignant human brain tumor. Thymoquinone from black seed oil is a potent bioactive compound and it has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and some cytotoxic properties for the human cell so it destroys human cancer cells without harming the normal healthy cells.

According to the study results, it can inhibit the activity of glioblastoma brain and spinal cord cancer cells selectively from creating their own clones and it also has the same effect on healthy, normal cell activity.
They also discovered that thymoquinone inhibit the autophagy genes within the cancer cells thanks to autophagy that tumor cells are able to grow through regular cellular energy production. Once autophagy gets inhibited, this kind of energy production also gets inhibited and it causes deterioration in tumor activity and prolongs the survival of the tumor-affected organs.So thymoquinone causes inhibition of clone-making by cancer cells , inhibits autophagy and this makes him a great candidate for cancer therapy.

Black Seeds & Breast Cancer

In 2013 in Malaysia a study on the anti-cancer effectiveness of thymoquinone in laboratory conditions for long-term treatment of human breast cancer cell lines was performed by a group of scientist. The results showed that the component had constant ability to inhibit the proliferation of breast cancer cell in long-term treatment. The amount of the thymoquinone dose determines the duration of the inhibition.

Black Seeds & Leukemia Cells

In 2013 in Malaysia a study about natural compounds used in traditional medicine that shows anti-cancer abilities was published . The study was about the cancer-fighting benefits of thymoquinone through apoptosis introduction that caused mitochondrial dysfunction in the case of acute leukemia cell line. Treating leukemia cells using this compound helped in apoptosis that caused cell death. Malaysian scientists concluded that thymoquinone is amazing for treating leukemia.

Black Seed Oil & Colon Cancer Cells

University of Mississippi Medical Center examined studies about antioxidants and the benefits in fighting cancer. Their studies were focused on the richest catechin in green tea called epigallocatechin-3-gallate, and thymoquinone from black seeds.

Black seeds have been known to have strong scavenger abilities. They inhibit oxidative stress. People in the Middle East have been using them for thousands of year for healing so many types of diseases.

This study was based on a 2007 study that claimed that 5- fluorouracil is the most effective in treating colon cancer and they also pointed out its side effects on healthy cells.

The new research was about the affection of catechin (green tea), thymoquinone (black seeds), and 5-FU ( a shown chemotherapy drug) on structural alterations within human colon cancer cells and their affection metabolic activity in lab cultures. The rest showed that the thymoquinone and catechin helped in destroying a large population of cancer cells and interfere with cellular metabolic functions. This could be compared to the effects on cells exposed to 5-FU. At the morphological level, the cellular changes took place after 24 hours exposure. This could again be compared to cellular changes when receiving exposure to 5-FU (the chemotherapy drug). These researchers at the University of Mississippi Medical Center proven the natural potentially safety for treating colon cancer.

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