This Is One of The Most Healing Salt Worldwide, It Can Help Treat Over 20 Diseases – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Himalayan salt is considered as the healthiest and purest type of salt. It has been thought considered a vital ingredient in human food since ancient times. In Korea it was used as exchange, in ancient Rome, soldiers were paid by salt. So it’s clear that it was one of the most essential and precious components in ancient times.

Unlike common salt, it does not increase the quantity of sodium and potassium in your blood and is easily digested and it helps with maintaining blood pressure. So let’s see the various amazing properties this powerful salt:

Composition of Himalayan Salt

Salt(sodium) is a vital mineral which maintains the quantity of electrolyte in our blood and maintains high blood pressure. It helps in normal functioning of muscles. It contains 84 components needed in our body and supplies our bodies with vital nutrients.

The molecular structure of Himalayan salt is tiny and our body cells can quickly absorb them. It consists of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium which are very important for normal functions in our body.

Himalayan salt is more than 250 million years old and can just be found pure in Himalayan caves. People still manually remove it and wash it.

First of all it has been dried naturally in the sun and packed in organic bags. This treatment is used to protect its purity and harmony with nature. It has an intense taste and has to be taken in small quantity.

Except pressure regulation, it’s rather valuable for people suffering from poor circulation in their limbs especially in their hands. Let us see how it is done.

Himalayan Salt in Medicine

Generally Himalayan salt is considered very precious. So it was only used by aristocracy and called White gold. The highest quality stones are used in table salt while the bigger grounds are utilized in baths and other important ingredients.

Its Health benefits are:

It prevents dehydration of organism by easy absorption. Regulating level of electrolytes and water in our body. Prevents diabetes by managing levels of sugar in our blood. It is handy for regulating digestive and metabolic activities. Balances the Ph of our cells. Prevents ageing of body. Supports healthy respiratory tracts specifically sinus. Helpful for bones in growing children. Restores brain cells and helps in getting much deeper concentration and excellent sleep. Decreases muscle cramps. It improves circulation of blood and helps in maintaining a healthy vascular system. It helps in regular function of liver and kidneys. It is useful in breathing problems like asthma, bronchitis, and so on . Helps in blood filtration and cleansing.

Keeps up our energy levels and maintain a positive attitude.

It has no negative effect and doesn’t harm our stomach and kidneys and other body organs. Food gets a natural taste when it is added to our food. Himalayan salt lamps are far better than traditional lamps and can prevent from hazardous electro-magnetic radiation. So they can be used near computer systems and TVs.

Utilizes of Himalayan Salt Bath

Himalayan salt can be a vital part of your bathroom. It can be quickly absorbed up by skin which is the biggest organ in our body. It shows the health of our inner body parts and Himalayan salts maintains the energy flow in our body.

Saline Baths with Himalayan salts helps us in following ways:

Numerous illness of the skin. Insect wounds, bites and blisters. In skin irritations, rheumatism and illness of the joints.

In post operative recovery and in different kinds of gynaecological problems.

Detoxification with Himalayan salt is as great as 3 days of fasting. In order to get full advantages of Himalayan salt bath we have to maintain a quantity of 30 gm of salt in 3 litres of water. It is exact same as in our body.

A typical bathtub holds about 100 to 120 litres of water therefore salt required for the bath is around 120gms. The water requires to be at 37 degrees. And when you are using bath with Himalayan salt it need to last for half an hour and do not use any soap or oil. After the bath rub with a clean towel and take a rest for 40 minutes.

Where to purchase Himalayan Salt

Rate if Himalayan salt depends upon weight and packaging. However it differs around 1 to 3 dollars. You can get it anywhere from natural food shops, herbal pharmacies and on the web.

Using Himalayan Bath Soap

The Himalayan salt bath soap consists of 100% crustal salt and other ingredients and impurities. It is practical for dealing with dry skin, herpes, cellulite etc. It can be used as antiperspirant also.

When you initially use it there will be a small tingling of your skin but you should not worry as it is detoxifying your body and will stop in a few minutes. You don’t need other ointments with this soap.

Himalayan Salt in Treatment of Acne

You can use Himalayan Salt for treating acne, skin rashes and other skin problems. It is advised that in the morning make a solution of 3 litres of water and 100 grams of salt. It is left to cool and used in the day. Before you begin ensure you exfoliated your skin.

Himalayan salt is mixed with essential and base oils of your choice and then use to gently rub and peel your skin. The rubbing needs to be gentle so the oil and salt are absorbed and treat your skin from inside.

Then comes expansion of pores so that salt minerals are absorbed in larger amounts and warms the body. The result you get after the treatment is soft and smooth skin. Exfoliation can be done one or two times a week but face has to be cleaned every day to keep your skin healthy.

Himalayan Salt for Nose and Sinuses

To prepare this solution, blend a little Himalayan salt and 1/2 l of water in a nose syringe. As soon as the salt has crystallised and settled at the bottom of the container, solution is all ready to be used.

Spray once in your nostrils and you will find it easier to breathe.

Other uses of Himalayan Salt

Apart from bath and treatment for nose Himalayan salt has numerous other uses. Like:

For Ear infection, you can use Himalayan salt and water as drops. For nausea due to take a travel, cover your neck with cloth filled with salt. For treating fungi on your feet, dip your feet in a saline solution. For sore throat, gargle with solution but do not swallow it.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps can be the most helpful and useful part of your house furniture. It is the healthiest source of artificial light.

If you are experiencing asthma, chronic tiredness, seasonal allergies, depression then this lamp can be your answer to fix all your problems. It can likewise be used as Feng Shui. Use it in your house or paces of your children to keep everyone healthy.

How Does a Himalayan Lamp Work?

When the salt crystal is heated, it produces negative ions which is ideal for our health and functions as a natural air purifier. It has no service life so it works as a gift.

It can be purchased online or in other places at a average cost of 20 dollar

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