This is What the Length of Your Toes Say About Your Personality – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

There are many ways in which people’s personalities have been linked with different physical attributes. In particular, our hands and feet seem to hold a lot of information about our lives and the way we act, make choices, and behave in general. For example, we often compare and contrast left handed people with those who use their right hand. Then there are ways in which the length of our fingers can be examined in order to reveal things like our character traits, personality quirks, destiny in life, and so on.

Your Big Toe

Are you a creative person? If so, chances are that your big toe is relatively big. On the flip side, however, you’re probably also not the best at focussing.

If your big toe is small, you’re probably great at multi-tasking.

Second Toe (or Long Toe)

The size of your second toe determines how you handle everyday situations. If you have a long second toe, you are generally considered to be more assertive, and even aggressive, during certain situations and in everyday life.

If your second toe is relatively short then you are considered to be a more passive person who doesn’t like starting arguments. You generally have a “wait and see” attitude rather than trying to force situations to occur.

Third toe (or Ring Toe)

If your third toe is longer, you tend to have a more dynamic personality and are successful in your field of work. This toe is linked with your energy and willpower, as well as your drive. You tend to be a perfectionist. If the third toe is shorter, you live a simpler life and enjoy the small things. Chilling out is your go-to.

Fourth Toe

If your fourth toe is larger than the other than this means that your family is always at the first place in your life. Problems in your private life, with your partner, family and love life will show up in a curling in the fourth toe. You always listen the other people’s problems and try to help them. The problems in your family could impact your happiness significantly.

If you have clawed fourth toe you must try and unwind a little bit and not worry too much about the other people’s problems. If you worry too much it could seriously impact your health.

In case the fourth toe is shorter, the person is not focused on his family too much.

Fifth Toe (or Pinky Toe)

If your little toe is very little, it may indicate that you don’t handle responsibilities all that well and you get easily bored and lose focus. You’re a joker and tend to be well liked, but responsibilities aren’t your strong suit. If your little toe wiggles independently of the others, it indicates an adventurous, charming, impulsive spirit.

Via: theheartysoul.com