This Is Why You Can’t Lose That Stubborn Belly Fat No Matter What You Do! – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

First of all, you should know that we are not going to talk about the effective belly diets, magic tricks and all the other articles on how to lose that stubborn belly fat. This is the real story about belly fat and some advices that might help you to lose it.

Before we start there are 3 things you should know:

-Certain fat cells in your body are extremely resistant to burn -These fat cells are accumulated in the dreaded belly and hip area of the body

-You can use science-based diets, exercise and supplements to burn that stubborn fat

If you are having difficulties in burning belly fat, don’t worry, nothing is wrong with you and you are not genetically cursed. You don’t have to do special exercises or give up on carbohydrates. Or, if you wonder do you eat the right food – that’s not it, sugar isn’t the problem.

But, you still ask yourself the same question? – Why you still have that ugly belly fat, after all those exercises for losing the belly fat and the diets you followed for a long time. Don’t be disappointed, it doesn’t have to be like that. Remember, you can still have a flat and ripped stomach, regardless of your hormones and genetics. But, you need to know exactly what to do and why.

When we talk about the fat burning process, we are actually talking about a two part process:
lipolysis and oxidation.

Lypolysis is the process when fat cells release molecules of stored energy(fatty acids) into the blood and oxidation is the process where cell burn the fatty acids.

The body’s primary method of stimulating lypolisis is the production of adrenaline or noradrenalin, which are known as catecholamines. These chemicals travel to your fat cells and attach themselves to receptors. When they’re attached to the fat cells, catecholamines trigger the release of the fatty acids stored within, so the other cells can use the fatty acids as fuel.

You’ve probably noticed that after you have dieted for some time, some areas of your body, like your chest and arms tighten up quickly, but other , like your belly and thighs doesn’t change at all. That’s because some fat cells don’t respond to catecholamines as good as the others. The main reason for this is that fat cells contain 2 types of receptors for catecholamines that are opposite in function. They are known as alpha and beta receptors. The alpha receptors block lipolysis and beta receptors trigger it.

So, one of the main reasons why certain parts of our body, like belly fat, are so hard to “burn” is that the fat cells are very resistant to mobilization – they contain many more alpha receptors than beta.

Now, when you know why that stubborn belly fat is so hard to “burn”, we are going to give you few tips of how to improve your fat burning process. If you look online for “belly fat loss tips”, you’re going to get a lot of articles that say the same boring nonsense. Remember, you can’t “target” your belly fat for elimination, there are no specific foods that can help you with the process and your meal frequency or eating up late isn’t the problem. Losing the belly fat is much simpler than many people think.

There are two things you should know if you want to get rid of the ugly belly fat once and for all:

    1. You have to reduce your overall body fat percentage – lower you fat percentage to 10%(men) and 20%(women)2.
    2. Use certain diets, training and supplements to help you burn fat faster

Combine these two things, and you will get an extremely effective stubborn fat loss routine.

Ways to speed up the belly fat burning process:

-Train in a fasted state -Do high-intensity interval cardio -Lift heavy weights -Take supplements proven to impact fat loss -Avoid sugar -Eat more protein -Cut carbohydrates from your diet -Eat foods rich in fiber -Don’t skip meals -Drink glass of water before meal

-Sleep more

Even though you’ve tried all kinds of belly fat diets and exercises, you still have that ugly belly fat. But, never give up; it doesn’t have to be that way. Just follow the instructions in this article and you can have that lean 6 pack you’ve always dreamed about.

Via: runhealthylifestyle.com