This Passenger Looked Out The Plane’s Window … And What He Saw Sent Chills Down His Spine – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Flying can either be interesting or stressful, depends whether you hesitate of it or you take pleasure in the excitement. For those who have a fear of flying, the best thing to do is remain calm, unwinded, close their eyes and try to nap through it. While for those who enjoy it the best thing ever is to open the blind and enjoy the sights outside. The window seats are constantly the most favored seats, we all understand it, because you can look through the window and appreciate the clouds and the sights while taking off or landing.

When you see this video you might think twice when selecting your seat next time since exactly what one man saw out the window in midflight on his way to London is just terrifying and it certainly send chills down my spine.

When I saw the video I simply couldn’t believe my eyes, is it possible? If you have a fear of flying maybe you should think twice before watching the video, it definitely won’t make you feel any much better about it. Some have speculated that it’s just the top of a building and I definitely hope they’re right because otherwise I wouldn’t understand what to think about it.

Here’s the chilling video, watch it and see for yourself. What do you think the man saw and recorded? Could it actually be aliens visiting us?

Via: runhealthylifestyle.com