This Remedy For Removing Warts And Skin Tags Easily And Painlessly is Cheap And You Have It At Home!!! – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

If you have warts you know how annoying they can be, although they are not causing pain except in some cases if they are being irritated or bleed. The worse thing about warts it that they make unpleasant appearance and many people are looking for the solution of this problem.

Skin tags are just like warts. They usually appear in appear in places on the body where the skin folds and places prone to sweating like armpits, neck, and face. These skin tags are like small hanging balloon. Even though they do not pose a serious threat to human health, their appearance makes them quite appealing.

Apple cedar vinegar has been used for a long period of time for skin issues because of its antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. These properties make the apple cider vinegar perfect for removing warts and skin tags efficiently and without pain. The best thing about the apple cider vinegar treatment is that it will not leave you any scars.


You should put a few drops of apple cider vinegar on a Band-Aid and apply it on the wart or skin tag. Make sure you have cleaned the affected skin before doing that! You will need to use new Band-Aid every day and always to clean the affected skin before applying the apple cider vinegar! In just 5 days if you use this treatment properly your wart or skin tag might fall off. If you do not notice any improvements continue with using the same treatment a few more days until you notice the results.

Via: runhealthylifestyle.com