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Sinuses are  a connected system of hollow cavities within the skull.

Most of the areas are very small, except  maxillary sinuses in the cheekbones.

We have some  additional information that is very  helpful :

– Sinuses are pairs – on each side of the head and close proximity to the nose.

– The largest are Maxillary sinuses  and are situated on the cheekbones.

 Ethmoid sinuses are between the eyes.

– Sphenoid sinuses are within bones behind the nose.

– Sinuses are normally empty with a thin layer of mucus.

– Lining the sinuses are a thin, soft, pink tissue called mucosa.

If you are wondering why we have them here are  two predominant theories:

1.They aid in the humidification of breathing,

2 .They aid in voice enhancement.

Sinus Congestion

Sinus congestion is:

– “the blockage of the nasal passages usually due to membranes lining the nose becoming swollen from inflamed blood vessels.”

It is also called: nasal blockage, blocked nose, stuffy nose, plugged nose and nasal obstruction.

At one point of life, almost everyone experiences sinus congestion which is painful, annoying and uncomfortable.

It interferes with speech, hearing, sleep and rarely it require surgery to correct.

The most common causes are :




sinus infection.

And all of them can be corrected with alternative home remedies.


It’s a simple, quick and effective technique in 3 steps.

Let’s start by sitting in a comfortable position and putting  the head and body at a 45-degree angle.

Next, turn your head sideways and massage the sternocleidomastoid muscle in a downwards direction 5 times.(beneath both ears and  down the neck ). Repeat on the other side  to relax the neck.

Use  the index fingers to  locate the hard and bony part of the nose, then move the fingers down until you locate the soft part of the nose where this bone ends.

In the area between the soft, fleshy part of the nose and the bone with a circular motion, massage with the pressure that is firm, but comfortable, for about 30 seconds. Next,  massage the muscles down the side of the nose towards the cheekbones .

With your  index fingers find  the upper orbit bone just above each eye. Next, locate the super orbital notch –above the center of the eyeball and with a circular motion, massage with the comfortably firm pressure  for about 30 seconds.

Finally, use both hands to  locate the center of the forehead where you will do some circular motion and do the  massage outwards until reaching the temples.

A final note:

The degree of relief depends on  three factors:

  1. Effective execution of the steps above,

2.The severity of nasal congestion being experienced,

3.The personal (involuntary) receptiveness of the above techniques.

You may need to be repeated this exercise two to three times until you get a noticeable improvement .

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