Tommy Chong Of ‘Cheech & Chong’ Fame: “I’m Cancer-Free” Thanks To Hemp Oil And The Right Diet – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Cancer is the most spread disease around the world,and if discoverer late it usually means a death sentence.

People are scared and doctors are not making it more easy.

Canadian native Tommy Chong won in his war with cancer without doing or using chemicals and chemo, but did it completely NATURAL.

In May 2013 he was proved to declare himself cancer-free to the world,and he thanked his naturopath, who gave him a strict diet and an extra ingredient – hemp oil supplement.

Chong’s Healing Technique

In his telling Chong said that at first they told him to do high-frequency treatment in Mexico for $25,000 for treating his prostate cancer. He declined this treatment and set off to search natural alternatives.

And he found Dr. McKinnon from Victoria, British Columbia who gave him a new completely strict diet and supplement daily routine, and one year later, he stated that he beat cancer to the point where it is no longer a threat to his body.

Chong is a comedian and an advocate for the legalization of marijuana and hemp and he decided to add hash oil to his daily diet as healer Rick Simpson recommends in “Pheonix Tears”.

Chong also had some help from Adam Dreamhealer an energy healer, whom he visited several times.

The sessions of Dreamhealer that Chong went to focus on group healing and visualization exercises. This is essential and extremely useful to put the body into a prime mental state. Chong decided to try and work out hard in treating and removing emotional pain and stress from his daily live.

Chong claims that this plant can cure cancer if its combined with the right diet.

Thousands of cancer survivors tried a completely natural way. And it worked for them too!

Because of the lack of research on this unusual cancer treatment, the movement is held back and its about time the hospitals to start working alongside natural health movements in order to both emotionally and physically support their patients and increase their chances of survival.

Natural cancer healing is 100% possible but the diet is important, the positive mind state is very important too.

The experience and story about Chong’s survival are a living proof that we all need to start taking the natural cancer treatments and protocols very serious and to learn more about natural medicine.

Via: naturalhealthyworld.com